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PA Wings
PA's Origanal Outlaw Kart Series


Hello!!! Welcome to the PA Wings Website! We are a Winged Outlaw Kart series in our 11th season. We race at different tracks in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

We have come a long way in 11 seasons. We started out as a RWYB class and evolved into a true winged outlaw kart series. We offer 2 classes Open and Intermediate, and both classes are highly competitive.

The great thing about our series is the sportsmanship, respect, and comradery 
between our racers. If you are not about having fun, racing clean and helping your fellow racer this series might not be for you.

So check out our schedule and come on out and watch us tear up some dirt and make some noise!

We will be at the Racing Xtravaganza on Friday, 1/31 & Saturday, 2/1 at the York Fairgrounds. Come on out and say hi.

The PA Wings 2020 season kicks off on  Saturday 4/25/20 at Pennscreek Raceway.

Come on out and see us!