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PA Wings
PA's Origanal Outlaw Kart Series


Hello!!! Welcome to the PA Wings Website! We are a Winged Outlaw Kart series in our 8th season that race at different tracks all over Pennsylvania. We have all kinds of engine combo's, from high reving 2 strokes, to screaming dual Briggs flatheads, to monster 4 stroke big blocks. You cant forget our signature wing making us look a lot like miniature sprint cars! So check out our schedule and come on out and watch us tear up some dirt and make some noise!

We will be at Greenwood Valley Action Track on Saturday 7/13/19 . Gates open at 2pm and hot laps for Intermediates start at 4pm. The Intermediates will be running during the go kart portion of the program and the Opens will be running during the Micro part of the program.

Cant wait to see everyone on 7/13/19.

The annual Reading Fair race will be held Saturday 8/3/19 at Shellhammers Speedway. 


Must have Hoosier tires on any 3 corners of your kart . Doesnt matter what compound.