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PA Wings
PA's Origanal Outlaw Kart Series


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PA Wings Rules

As a club we may pick and choose who races with us at various tracks around PA. New members are always welcome. To join you will be required to pay a annual due of $15.00, and be put on a three race probation.

  • Probation will consist of 3 consecutive race dates. During this time we will be looking for a few of things. First and foremost we are looking for sportsmanship and respect for other drivers, drivers families and the tracks we are guests at, reckless driving will not be tolerated.  Your pit crew is also your responsibility.  We are guests at these tracks and would like to be invited back.
  • Rookies will compete with a ribbon tied to the back of their cage for their entire rookie season. PA Wings will supply.
  • All rookies will start in the back of their heats during the 3 racae probation.
  • No complete restarts. If you bring out the yellow flag at anytime. You will be put in the rear of the field. This is dictated by the track. Some follow the rule some dont.

Kart Rules

  • All karts will be teched by designated club members.  A tech sticker will be applied to your kart signifying that you have been teched. Members can't tech there own karts.
  • All karts must be constructed of 1-1/8" tubing minimum.
  • All karts must a have a cage.
  • Karts must run some kind of a wing, unless damaged from a racing incident, the wing will be allowed to be removed or we are running a non wing show.
  • The wing can not be wider or longer than the kart.
  • The chassis itself will be teched as to ALL WKA CHASSIS rules (safety wiring or cotter pinning of steering, brakes, tire sizes, and etc...). We will allow double nuts on steering and brake components, but the track can choose to deny that rule.
  • 4 or 5 point safety harness must be used and be in good shape. No rips, tears, or dry rot. Must have SFI cert. Tracks have the right to inspect our belts and determine if they are legal or not. What the tracks could look for, older than 2 years, rips, tears, and if they are mounted safely. 
  • Helmets will fall under the SA or M2010.
  • Arm restraints are required and recommended to be worn on your forearms.
  • Neck braces are required.
  • We require  1 or 2 piece SFI certified fire suits to be worn. 
  • Wolf plates are required for karts with fiberglass or plastic seats.
  • Chain guards are required for external clutches, and are recommended for all other motors for your own safety.
  • Fire extinguishers will be mandatory in all trailers and on 4 wheelers.
  • Complete Hoosier tire rule. Must have Hoosiers on all 4 corners of your kart. Any compound is allowed.
  • Raceceivers are mandatory at the tracks that use them.
  • Transponders need to be placed on steering post down tube. No exceptions.

Sign In Rule

  • You need to be signed in to race 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of practice. Failure to do so will result in you starting last in your heat race.

PA Wings Engine Specs  
  • All classes have single cylinder and max stamped CC rule.
  • Open fuels are allowed, with the RECOMMENDATION OF NOT USING OXYGENATED FUELS.
  • 4 cycles can run open headers.      

Class Rules

Open Class

  • Must be atleast 15years old. We will make an age exception if the driver has atleast 1 year of any senior class racing experience(PA Wings Intermediate Class, Micro Sprint, Slingshot, Go Kart, etc) and if the tracks allow it.
  • Any single cylinder MX style motor 550cc (factory stamped) max
  • Wankel and Jawa engines welcome. 450lbs minimum
  • 450lbs minimum weight for 251cc 2-stroke motors and above
  • 475lbs minimum weight for 400cc 4-stroke motors and above
  • 400lbs minimum weight for 125cc - 250cc motors

Intermediate Class

  • Must be atleast 10 years old. Tracks need to okay the minimum age.
  • All 101cc - 155cc 2 cycle motors.
  • Four cycle MX motor up to 255cc.
  • 400lbs minimum weight
  • Four cycle and 100CC two cycle engines. All single cylinder industrial, commercial, go-kart, Jr. dragster base engines.(no Wankels) No minimum weight for these type of motors.

The Intermediate Class can run with the Open Unlimited Class if you meet Open class requirements.  The Open Unlimited Class can't run with the  Intermediate class.  In the event there are not enough to split the divisions we will considor combining the classes.  

Points Guidlines​

1.    Points will be given to any kart that enters an event and follows the Hoosier Tire Rule.
2.    Because of the limited number or races on the schedule there will be no drops at the end of the year.   
3.    Points will be awarded to the kart owner/number. You may have substitute drivers throughout the year. Substitutes                may not be another driver that is already competeing for points.
4.    Heat winners will be awarded 2 points.
5.    All non-transfer karts will receive 50 points.
6.    Any violation of Hoosier tire rule or any on or off track rules violations will result in no points for the competitor.
7.    Anyone black flagged during a feature will receive last place points. 
8.    50 points will be awarded to any kart that shows up to a track and is rained out prior to the heat race. 
9.    An extra 25 points will be given for any kart that enters and races both days of a Friday - Saturday race weekend.

Points structure for all feature races

1st - 100           9th - 74
2nd - 95         10th - 71
3rd - 92          11th - 68
4th - 89           12th - 65
5th - 86           13th - 62
6th - 83           14th - 59
7th - 80           15th - 56
8th - 77           16th - 53
17th through 20th - 50